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We Are Bowmanville's local painting company we will make sure your house is primed for a good paint job! We will make sure your house is covered with plastic or drop cloths well the ceilings or walls are being painted. We always make sure that your happy with the end result your satisfaction is what we strive for we are not happy till your happy.

Painting company


Oshawa's Painting Contractor Company

Oshawa's local painting company we have local painters who are ready to make your old home look like brand new. we are Oshawa's painting contractor we can give you tips on how to make your house have a better flow through out room to room with our designers Experience or specialists at Benjamin Moore.

local Painting Company Bowmanville

Connections Renovations is your fast reliable local painting company we can handle a job any size. if you're looking to have your bedroom painted or if you would like your whole house painted we offer services for you as a consumer.

Local painting company use to be located in Oshawa now we are in Bowmanville

Connections Renovations is the residential painter, local painting company you're looking for give us a call at (905)809-9486 or find our painting online form page at painting

how to hire the right painting company

If you're looking for a good painter you have got to make sure that the person can go through the proper procedures professional painters do not use tape when they are painting ceilings or walls. Professional painters only use painter's tape when they are putting up plastic or paper on the floor, carpet.

How can a good paint job help you when your going to sell your house?

By painting your house with a new coat of light neutral colours the rooms look a lot bigger & fresher. Its like walking in to a new house you want to keep the rooms looking airy & big. when you use a dark colour you are essentially closing the room in that makes the rooms look smaller. Most people would rather having more space in the house or more room. So by keeping the rooms lighter you can help with the effect of the room looking bigger now that's what a good painting company will do for you.

Painting contractor
Painting company
Painting contractor
painting contractor

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